22 April, 2012

Bremer Selects Vegetable Lasagna by ALDI

Bremer Selects Vegetable Lasagna (an ALDI house  brand) is pretty good as frozen lasagnas go. The "vegetables" are provided by finely cut zucchini and carrots in with the sauce, but they're well enough incorporated into the mix that they aren't disturbing (or noticeable, for that matter) even by someone who might profess to hate zucchini and/or carrots.

The sauce is quite authentic, and there is just enough of it to make for a good consistency - not dry enough to make the lasagna tough, nor so much as to make it soupy. I suppose there could be a bit more mozzarella on top, and I also took points off for there being cottage cheese in the layers instead of real ricotta, but overall I thought it was a good lasagna and a decent lunch.

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