16 April, 2012

Fishy Delights 46: Iberia Canned Octopus

This is probably going to be the last time I review a tin of octopus - not because I'm going to stop buying it, but because it turns out that all brands of tinned octopus are pretty much the same. In fact, I suspect that there is one master cannery where all the world's supply of octopus is put up into cans, and then sold to various companies around the world who put the unmarked cans into their own branded cardboard box packaging.

And thus it is that I can say that Iberia brand octopus in soybean oil is exactly as good as you would expect if you happen to like canned octopus (which I do.) Inside the can you will find circular cuts of tentacles, tender yet chewy, with a very pleasant seafood flavor strongly reminiscent of calamari. 

Also: If you like seafood and you're trying to lose a few pounds, keep in mind that a 4-ounce tin of octopus is very satisfying (probably has something to do with the chewiness) and is only 100 calories.


Unknown said...

Do you cook it? Eat it straight? put it in soup?

Unknown said...

Do you cook it? Eat it straight out of the can? Put it in soup?