19 July, 2011

Le Delice de Bourgogne Cheese from Trader Joe's

I'm a big fan of St. Angel cheese (a triple-cream soft-ripened variety of brie which is gorgeously buttery, but my local ShopRite, where I used to buy it, seems to have taken it off The List.  I guess it just wasn't selling well enough to keep it on the Gourmet Cheese Island.  So I've been doing some sampling and searching. It would be great if I could find St. Angel again, but if I can't maybe I can find another triple-cream cheese that is (nearly) as good.

At first glance,  Le Delice de Bourgogne cheese, an exclusive Trader Joe import from France, seemed to be what I was looking for. The appearance was right - rich, soft innards surrounded by a thin edible crust with a subtle bloom of white mold. 

Le Delice is an excellent cheese.  Typical of a triple cream cheese, it's rich and buttery, spreads velvety smooth on warm, crusty bread, and has that slightly nutty-earthy flavor that sets it apart from other brie-like cheeses. But it also has a distinct roquefort flavor, one which runs through the entirety of the cheese. Not at all unpleasant, but  not something I had expected. I really enjoyed the Le Delice we bought, and it would make a great and unusual addition to a cheese plate, but alas, it is no substitute for the missing St. Angel.


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jen said...

Haven't been here for a very long time! Hope ya still remember this foodie blogger :D

Lovely post u got here!

Have a Fabulous day!
Jen www.passion4food.ca

Alan said...

The real problem is, Dave, you will never get over Liederkranz.

Anonymous said...

I was in a similar predicament. After I had peirre robert for the first time I was hooked and it can be hard to find.

Cowgirl creamery red hawk is very good too but doesn't have quite the salty briny frenchiness I was looking for. Their Mt Tam is a must have for parties.

Once I found this trader joe's exclusive I was hugely impressed and pleasantly surprised.

Debbie said...

We got a chunk of this cheese on Christmas. We tasted it and thought it had a mild blue flavor. Deeply suspiscious and fearing food poisoning, we wrapped it up and put it away for further research. Glad to see you found it to taste like a blue and glad we can now eat it.

Theresa Christian said...


If you live in or near Forest Hills in Queens, NY, you are in for a pleasant surprise: Cheese of the World located right off Queens Blvd., in Forest Hills carries both the St. Agnes AND the Delice de Bourgogne. I have not tried Trader's Joes but I live within 15 minutes of Cheese of the World - here is their information:

Cheese of the World
71-48 Austin St
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Neighborhood: Forest Hills
(718) 263-1933