12 July, 2011

Coffee Flakes Cereal

Coffee Flakes, a product of Italian company Cereal Vit, are a case study in BREAKFAST AWESOMENESS. They're hearty cornflakes coated with genuine Italian coffee, and they taste like a bowl of crunchy espresso.

Really, they're seriously delicious. They hold their crunch in milk for a long time, and the coffee flavor is noticeable and pronounced. Although there's some sugar in them, they've got a rich bitter espresso aftertaste that reminds you with every spoonful that every flake is coated with joe.  And when you're done eating your cereal, it leaves behind delicious coffee milk! The only thing I found a bit odd was the thickness of the flakes.  I guess I'm used to the thinly-milled cornflakes from Kellogg's - the Cereal Vit flakes are thick and somewhat coarser, like corn kernels smashed with a pair of pliers.

And I love the way they're labeled. There are all sorts of tags and logos to tell you how amazingly healthy Coffee Flakes are for you: all organic, gluten-free, enhanced with Omega-3 to give your heart mutant superpowers, low in sugar...oh, yeah, and did we mention that they're coated with real Italian coffee BTW? Since there is nothing on the box to indicate that the coffee is decaffeinated, I'm pretty sure that it isn't. There's also nothing on the box estimating the amount of caffeine in each serving. I don't think there's enough to get a buzz unless you eat the whole box at a sitting, but I can tell you that there's just enough to give you a little extra pep.  I'm guessing half a cup of coffee's worth maybe?

I was tipped off to them by Steve from Connecticut Museum Quest, who found them at his local Ocean State Job Lot.  When I went looking for them in the Enfield store, however, there were none to be found - I finally tracked them down at the Ocean State in Chicopee MA - so those of you who might go on a quest for these, remember the quirkiness of job lot stores when you start your search.

By the way...mix Coffee Flakes with Cocoa Puffs, like Lynnafred did, and you get delicious MOCHA MUNCHIES.

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Kelsey said...


This sounds DELICIOUS! I looked for it on Amazon, where it is sadly unavailable, but did read the review there which said this tastes like fish! And I checked the ingredients -yup, fish oil! (Why must my dreams be crushed!)
So tell me, did you really not notice a fishy taste? My mom used to make us drink fish oil, and boy was it strong! I can't imagine something with it tasting like anything else.