04 July, 2011

Clover Cheese-Flavored Snack Chips

Clover chips are one of the best-selling snack chips in the Philippines. They come in a wide variety of flavors, and they're kind of hard to classify.  They're kind of like a cheese puff, only flat; kind of like Munchos, only thicker and mostly made of corn; kind of like Fritos, only lighter and puffier.

I bought a bag of the "Cheesier with Vitamins" variety at Dong's last week, and found them to be crispy and fairly declicious. Despite the "cheesier" claim, I found the cheese flavor rather subtle and not at all like the in-your-face cheesiness of American snacks like Cheetos or Jax.  Luckily, Clover Chips do a fairly good job of staining my fingers orange, and therefore I found the cheese flavor perfectly acceptable thanks to the placebo effect working through my orange digits. Although I couldn't actually taste any of the Vitamins also advertised, it certainly was reassuring to know that the calories I consumed here were not empty of nutrients.  I would buy them again.

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