13 July, 2011

General Mills vs. Kellogg's

Take a look at the headers on these cereal boxes (General Mills' Kix in the background, Kellogg's Apple Jacks in the foreground.)

Notice how Kellogg's has mimicked the General Mills "G" logo with their loopy ampersand, and added a five-leafed plant logo oddly reminiscent of their competitor's "whole grain" symbol.  Both headers also prominently declare "whole grain" goodness.

Coincidence?  I think not.


Andrew said...

As a resident of a town not far at all from Battle Creek, Michigan ("Cereal City"), I find this topic to be relevant to my interests....
Kellogg is more important around here than General Mills, but to be honest, I have always kind of preferred the latter. They make Lucky Charms, man!


I rest my case.

Jessi P. said...

kix = best cereal ever, and rivaled only by crispix.