19 October, 2011

McDonald's Brings Back The McRib

Pining for the pseudoporky deliciousness that is the McDonald's McRib sandwich? You can now satisfy that longing: McDonald's has announced that the McRib is coming back for another limited engagement. It will be available from now until December 31, which is pretty cool because that means McRIBS FOR THANKSGIVING DINNER.

Props to Leeanne Griffin at ctnow.com's A LaCarte page for the initial heads-up.

Correction:  My original information was incorrect - McRibs will only be around until mid-November.  Sadly, that means you'll be stuck making turkey again for Thanksgiving.  Sorry for getting your hopes up.


Rodzilla said...

I've still never tried a McRib. I'm finally going to change that.

TomW said...

I've never tried one either; no plans to rectify.

While that in itself is a yawner, "pseudoporky" is not. Wonderful word, Dave.


Dave said...

The pork-u-swine patty ain't bad for what it is. And the deli roll is OK in a squishy, white-bready sort of way. But, what really sucks the bitter carrot is that bog-nasty, overly sweet, underly spicy bubba-q "sauce". But, hell for the price that the sign of the clown gets for that sammich I can get a nice thick French-cut gen-u-wine pork chop, some really good BBQ sauce and much better bread.

Ol' Dirty Dave

Leeanne said...

Thanks for the shoutout. Enjoy!

Alan said...

It's an old family tradition, back again. I love them. Wonder why a successful sandwich only makes limited engagements? Maybe that's part of what makes it successful. Wonder how many I can eat between now and 12/31?

Unknown said...

omg, it's that time of year again. Lots of McRib boxes in my kid's cars and the trash can at home. The sign isn't up yet, so there's still a little time.

Lisa in Cincinnati said...

ok Dave and all your lovely readers.

There is a company called on-Cor Frozen Foods and they have a product called... BBQ Rib Pork Patties. They are close to the McRib its a bit scary.

Once the McRib goes back in to hiding and its the dead of winter, we have something to hold us over until spring hits and the McRib comes out of hiding.