17 October, 2011

Cascal Sample Pack Winners!

We have chosen the three winners of our Cascal Fermented Soda giveaway, which was sponsored by the good folks at Cascal.  Each winner will receive a selection of Cascal's delicious fermented sodas to try out, as well as an insulated lunchbag cooler in which to transport them to the winner's preferred Beverage Consumption Event.

The Winners Are:

Jodi Henley
Elle from Elle's New England Kitchen
Meg Erwin

Each of them will receive their prize package directly from Cascal!

About the Drawing:

There were 30 entries, via email and Facebook comment.  Winners were chosen by the "Third Party Draw Service" at RANDOM.ORG to ensure a truly blind and random draw.  If you entered the drawing, you may confirm that your entry was actually in participation by following this link. You will need to enter your "identifier" for confirmation.  If you entered via email, your identifier will be your email address. If you entered via Facebook, it will be your Facebook name.

Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to the three winners!

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