12 March, 2011

Relax - Cap'n Crunch Is Sticking Around

Picture credit: Quaker Oats
Rumors have been flying all over the internet that PepsiCo, the parent company of Quaker Oats, is planning to discontinue Cap'n Crunch, the popular line of cereals introduced in the 1960's.

Apparently, an article published on DailyFinance.com noted that the cartoon-character mascot hasn't appeared in advertising since 2007 and speculated that perhaps PepsiCo was "retiring" him.  In typical Internet Grapevine style this became distorted in the retelling until the stories became that Quaker was going to cease production of the cereal.  

But fear not:  Cap'n Crunch will still be available to rip up the roof of your mouth for years to come, according to PepsiCo, which has this message from the Cap'n on his official website:

Thanks to everyone who was asking about me! I was out on the seas but don't worry, I'm back and not going anywhere. I'm excited to be on Facebook and Twitter - a brand new adventure for me!

According to marketing data, Cap'n Crunch is no longer the single most popular pre-sweetened cereal line out there (private labels and - believe it or not - new sugary versions of Cheerios have that distinction) but Quaker has no plans to ease the Cap'n into drydock.  Take a stroll down any supermarket aisle and you'll see.  The Cap'n Crunch lineup takes up more shelf space than the rest of the entire Quaker lineup combined.


The Cap'n on Facebook - bewareof imitators, there are about a million people with "Cap'n Crunch" Facebook pages.


J. Astro said...

Remember that old Cap'n Crunch villain, The Sogmaster? He was awesome. I had a little plastic-rubber PVC figure of him (came out the box, of course) back in the day and it was one of my all-time favorite toys.

Aside from that, I've loooong since abandoned the actual cereal. Maybe I should steal - er, I mean, - BUY a box one of these days and see how it stacks up to memory.

Dave said...

It will never live up to your childhood memories, but you should eat some if only to shred the roof of your mouth one last time for old times' sake.

And shoot me an email if you have a chance: What's going on with Screen Grab! ?

Alan said...

Some things in life should not be messed with. In the hierarchy of life, there's Cap'n Crunch, then Health, in that order.

Marisa said...

I would love to have the job of a cereal mascot's Twitter updater. I think I'd like to be the Sugar Smacks/Honey Smacks Dig'Em Frog.

Remember to enjoy my sugary cereal as part of a balanced diet!