16 March, 2011

Cape Cod Harvest Gold Potato Chips

Heads up, chip lovers...Cape Cod Potato Chips has a new variety hitting the shelves: Harvest Gold, made with Yukon Gold potatoes.

Lynnafred came home from the store with a bag of them the other day, excited because she's a big fan of Yukon Gold potatoes.  They're totally awesome - same hearty crunch as with Cape Cod's other kettle-cooked chips, but with a sweet and mellow taste that could almost be described as "buttery."  They're our new favorite unflavored chip.

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Adam from GrubGrade said...

These look good, and I will have to snag a bag when I'm back east. I like the concept of using chips of the non white variety, especially because it demonstrates the chemistry of potatos. Utz makes a fantastic Dark Russet chip that highlights the potatos ability to concert its starches. It's sweet but earthy, and one of the single best chips I've ever had.