23 March, 2011

Banquet Chicken Nugget Meal

Banquet's Chicken Nugget Meal is another one of those dollar-lunches-worth-a-dollar. You get five chicken nuggets, a scoop of whole-kernel corn, and a dollop of macaroni and cheese.  It almost seems designed with kids in mind, which is a little odd considering most school children don't have access to microwaves in school.  And while the build quality is definitely in the low-middle range here, it seems to be a pretty square deal: You actually do get a dollar's worth of food for your dollar.

Although only four nuggets are pictured here, you get five of them with this meal (whoops! I ate one before I remembered to take the picture!)  The corn is pretty standard ConAgra/Banquet fare: tasty but kind of tough and tooth-resistant yet still okay for all that. The macaroni and cheese was bland almost to the point of whybotherness. Luckily, I had a bunch of ketchup packets in my desk at work so I could drown them in Heinzy flavor.  Can't say they weren't moderately filling, though.

As for the nuggets...well...it would be so disingenuous to complain about nuggets being made of pulverized chickybits, so I just won't.  I don't expect handsome whole cuts of tender white breast meat in a cheap meal anyway, and neither should you.  You get a fairly typical handful of chicken meat patties, breaded with well-seasoned crumbs and fried. The texture is just a bit spongy, though still firmer than many of Banquet's other similar products, and the flavor is fairly decent - very much like Banquet's regular fried chicken.  If I had to bitch about anything, it would probably be that five nuggets is a pretty skimpy amount and it wouldn't kill ConAgra to put a few more in there.

Overall, though, you can do worse for a dollar lunch.  I'd buy them again, especially with the four dollars in coupons that are offered printed on the inside of the carton right now.

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