21 March, 2011

Pioneer Brand Country Gravy Mix

As packaged "country gravy" mixes go, Pioneer ain't that bad.  Ain't that good, neither. Actually, when I fished these out of the pantry and tried them out, I couldn't really remember why I'd bought them, since if I'm going to make country gravy at all, it's because I've cooked something which has left drippings behind that I can use, and I don't really need a packet.

Anyway, the original (blue label) is very bland with enough salt to really bring out the blandness.  It's laced with flecks of bland pepper, and it makes two cups of bland fake gravy.

The sausage flavor (red label) is more or less indistinguishable from the original, except that there are some very mild seasonings to make it bland in it's own special, though quiet, way.

Neither of them are offensive.  Neither of them are spectacular.  If you seek pouches of "meh" your quest is at an end.

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bboyer66 said...

There is a recipe for Swiss Cheese soup on the back of my packet. Have been tempted to try it out.