08 March, 2011

Saint Angel Brie

Here's a fast review of Saint Angel brie, made in France by Fromagerie Guilloteau:

Soft-ripened cheese with a gorgeous and decadent velvety smoothness; it's like eating a cheese made from cured butter. The white edible rind has that typical mushroomy-like flavor, but it's much less pronounced than on other brands.

I really loved it and would certainly buy it again.


fnord said...

Speaking of decadent velvety smoothness, have you tried Brillat Savarin?

Anonymous said...

Hooked on St. Angel brie from the first sample at Central Market. Truly, it is like eating velvet butter.

Patrick M. Mitchell said...

Saint Angel is not brie! Brie uses one (Pennicilium) inoculant - Epoisses uses a different inoculant. Saint Angel uses both of them.