08 September, 2010


Look what Nabisco sent to me for review:  Wheat Thins Stix in Honey Wheat flavor.  You know how Wheat Thins are already the most addictive of all crunchy thin crackers?  Well, wait until you try them in AWESOME STIX FORM.  They have all of the insane deliciousness of Wheat Thins, but with the added advantage of being shaped like little mouthwatering rods.  They are the best for grabbing a handful for a quick munch.

As delicious as they are, I do not recommend them as a replacement for your regular enjoyment of Wheat Thin cracker goodness, however.  A thin slice of sharp Vermont cheddar sandwiched between two Wheat Thin crackers is like a tiny bite of heaven, and unfortunately there is no way to sandwich cheese between two of these sticks.  So I advise you to make Wheat Thins Stix an addition to your snack cupboard, not a substitution.  (Don't deny that you have a snack cupboard, either.  I know you do.)  Stix are great right from the box, or with dips, or as an ingredient in Chex Mix.

Speaking of eating Stix right from the box, I tip my hat to whoever designed the packaging for them - it is unique and quite creative.  Narrower at the bottom than at the top, kind of like a Chinese-food takeout container, it is designed to be opened and then squeezed into a kind of hexagon outline, which makes the box into almost a bowl.  The best part about it is how you can grab a fistful of Stix and then remove your hand without it getting stuck in the opening at the top of the box; this carton was obviously designed with hard core snackery in mind.


Alan said...

Maybe the guy who designed that box was just not good at math. Seriously, that does sound like an imaginative design and a great idea. It's true, Wheat Thins are the best for allowing the flavor of whatever they sandwich, to carry through. Yet they are still good just by themselves.

Unknown said...

"and unfortunately there is no way to sandwich cheese between two of these sticks"

1 word: cheese in a can.

Your review made me buy these and then I ate them and they were good.

Anonymous said...

I found the Fire Roasted Tomato Stix last night, after being unable to find the similar tasting Wheat Thins, Sundried Tomato & Basil crackers.
These are a great tasting convenient low fat snack. The open box reminded me of a popcorn container at the movie theater.

Wild Willie

Dave said...

Wild Willie - We bought a box of the fire roasted tomato Stix and found out we like them even better than the Honey Wheat variety.

The box design is very cool, whoever came up with that deserves a bonus in their paycheck. hahaha