19 September, 2010

Organic Valley Vanilla Soy Milk

When I was drinking Organic Valley Vanilla Soy Milk I had to keep looking in my cup to make sure I was acutally drinking soy milk and not sipping liquified chalk. 

And yet, the taste was totally nostalgic.  Bear with me.

How's it goin'?
I am an Old Kid, and back in my day you young hoodlum we had a medicine called Kaopectate.  You may have heard of it.  You may have even seen it on the shelves of your favorite drugstore or supermarket.  But the Kaopectate of today is not the Kaopectate of my misspent youth.  Back then, Kaopectate was made of clay.

You heard me.  That's how it got the name - from the active ingredients.  Kao = kaolin (a type of clay) and pectate = pectin.  I guess the idea was to get you to eat a load of clay to soak up the extra buttjuice. They also used to put some kinds of flavoring in there, too, so it wouldn't taste so clayish.

I still remember the flavor of Kaopectate's original formula.  And when I drank that Organic Valley Vanilla Soy Milk, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia, because the soy milk tastes 100% exactly like old school Kaopectate.

Bottoms up!


J. Astro said...

"...you to eat a load of clay to soak up the extra buttjuice"

Boy, does THAT conjure up some vivid Friday night memories. Bleh. But yeah, I've had Kaopectate from back in the day (thanks, Gramma) and can totally identify with the taste you describe. Why does everybody insist on fooling with milk?? If you want milk, just drink regular milk, for cryin' out loud. And if you're lactose intolerant, then fuck you, drink it anyway, there are starving kids in India, so count yourself lucky, etc.

MrsBug said...

:snerk: This post made me laugh. :D

I tried moving to soy milk because milk gives me sinus headaches. But, I just couldn't do it. You cannot eat Lucky Charms with soy milk. You can't do it. There's some kind of law or something - Mr. Magical Elf comes prancing off the box and asks you what the heck you're doing, ruining his fine cereal with that...stuff. So, I just eat less milk and take a sinus tablet.

Now, my husband. He loves the chocolate version, which is actually not bad. Silk is the best brand though.

Minime said...

I hate chalky tasting soy milk...the one aldi had is horrible.

There are a couple of good brands and I also like coconut-rice- oat and almond milk.

There is also hemp milk and I would love to try it, it is just not available wher I live.

If it tastes anything like the roasted hemp seeds I had once, it will be delicious.

And at dear J.Astro

I do not want milk...I want a beverage with proteins and fat on a plant basis which does not give me the runs, cramps and vomiting, thank you very much.

Also there are starving kids in india, south america and africa because your milk is made with their bread.

You do not understand?

It is simple.

Farm animal feed is produced in poor countries and is shipped to richer countries.

Instead of farming fields with grains for human consumption, the grains are sold for more as farm animal feed.

50% of grains and 90% of the world soy harvest are used as farm animal feed.

So next time you drink your milk salute to the starving children in the poor countries who starve so you can have cow boob juice.