09 September, 2010

Dogs of Summer 9: Mucke's Natural Casing Franks

Mucke's Meat Products, made in Hartford CT, have been a southern New England favorite for years.  I've already reviewed their kielbasa links, and now it's time to let you know just how good their natural casing franks are.  

For starters, they have a good, full-bodied flavor which, although mild, are more assertive than franks made by Kayem or Grote & Weigel.  The spice blend is flavorful and well-balanced.  Steaming a Mucke's frank plumps them up nicely, but tends to make the casing a little tough - like many other natural-casing dogs, they are best when pan-fried or grilled which really turns the snappy casings into a textural asset.  As much as I try to be neutral in my reviews, I have to admit that Mucke's dogs are pretty much my favorites of the locally-produced wieners sold in my area.


Mucke's website (not much content there right now - the website is mostly a placeholder.)


Andrew said...

The important thing is that they snap when you bite into them....

Eric M said...

Natural casing dogs just aren't a thing out here in Oklahoma, much to my dismay. The only brand I can get is Boar's Head at the fancy natural foods store in town, and they're hilariously expensive. We've also got a german sausage shop in town, but german-style frankfurters are a far cry from the dogs we're used to in the states. Good, but just not a dog, you know?