02 September, 2010

A Tip of the Hat to DCI Cheese Company, and More Liederkranz Notes

The cheese in question.
A couple of days ago, I wrote about finding Liederkranz cheese and my first experience with it.  I related a (very) abbreviated history of the cheese and mentioned that Liederkranz has been brought back from the brink of extinction by DCI Cheese Company.

Well, DCI got wind of my blog post (no pun intended, I swear) and actually linked over to my post from their own blog, The Cheese Post.  DCI must be run by a great bunch of folks, because they took my Liederkranz write-up in the good-natured spirit in which it was intended.  And I'm going to take this opportunity to give The Cheese Post a plug.  It's a really great resource - not only for news about DCI and their products, but also for recipes and serving ideas.  Their easygoing writing style is casual and fun to read, and the site really is worth a visit.

And now for a further word about Liederkranz.

I said in my earlier post that I was going to try it at least another couple more times to see if it would grow on me, and I stayed true to my word.  I did take the advice that readers MrsBug and cheezmaker gave me in the comments, paring off the rind of the pieces I cut off to eat - an that did reduce (but not eliminate) the odor.  The thing is, the more Liederkranz I eat, the better I like it.  The cheese itself is mild and buttery, much like a good American cheese, yet robust.  And as I go through my daily ritual of letting the cheese come to room temperature and opening it up for slicing, I'm beginning to appreciate that distinctive odor more.  Although Lynnafred never fails to complain about the stink when I crack the container, to me it's smelling less turdlike and more...well, cheeselike.

I noticed that ShopRite carries DCI's Limburger as well as the Liederkranz.  I think I might get a chunk of that next time and taste the two side by side to see if I can taste the difference.


The Cheese Post


Alan said...

Admit it, Dave. You've come to crave Liederkranz. It's okay. There's probably a society that can help. I like it too. My name is Alan, and I like Liederkranz.

Dave said...

Crave is too strong a word, Alan. But as I said, I am growing fond of it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind comments! Glad we were able to connect!