08 September, 2009

Who Wants Taters???

A couple weeks ago, I blundered across a well-written, funny, and undeservedly obscure blog called Who Wants Taters??? It's ostensibly a review site for B-movies - but anyone with an interest in junk food, snacks, and pop culture will feel right at home. Author Andrew Green is an entertaining writer who will easily hook you with, for example, a nostalgic essay about Little Debbie Zebra Cakes and then segue into a review of a joyfully dumbassed teen romance/zombie flick.

Seriously, though: Who Wants Taters??? is a great site that deserves a wider audience. Stop by and check it out, and pass the word along. Little Zombie Debbie would approve.



Andrew Green said...

Hey, that's really cool of you to give me such a nod.
I also check your page regularly.

Michael said...

Does nobody find it slightly disquieting that Little Debbie looks a bit like the Undead?

Anonymous said...

Michael, I take offense at your comment. I was 8 years old when that picture of me as Little Debbie was taken. I had a bad case of the measles, a horrible sinus infection & I was allergic to that straw hat they put on my head!!