10 September, 2009

Cape Cod Popcorn

The wonderful folks at Cape Cod Potato Chips recently sent a selection of their wonderful snacks to me for review. They've introduced a wide variety of new flavor chips and popcorn, and my family and I have been tasting and sharing and choosing our favorites. Today, I'm going to write about Cape Cod Popcorn.

Cape Cod is offering three varieties of popcorn: White Cheddar, Sweet Cream Butter, and Sweet & Salty. They are, quite simply, the best bagged popcorn ever. The bags are filled with big, puffy kernels of popcorn and hardly ever an unpopped kernel is found (in fact, in the three bags the family and I have polished off this week, there were no unpopped kernels at all.

White Cheddar: Delicious plump popcorn kernels, no "old maids," and no disgusting thick fake-cheese residue left behind on fingers when snacking. Cape Cod uses real cheddar cheese in their recipe with no finger-staining orange colors. Top-notch snack. Family and friends plowed through this bag so quickly I didn't even have a chance to take a picture of it!

Sweet Cream Butter: Big fluffy kernels, mouth-wateringly delicious - just the right amount of salt balanced with the barest hint of sweet, buttery with a subtle sharp edge thanks to a dash of buttermilk in the seasoning. Sweet Cream Butter instantly became my wife's favorite - she finally curled the bag closed and handed it to me saying, "Take these away from me before I eat the whole bag by myself." They really are that good - I was lucky to get this picture of the half-eaten bag before the remainder was OM NOM NOMed.

There are plenty of "butter flavored" ready-to-eat popcorns out there. None of them are as good as Cape Cod's Sweet Cream Butter flavor. Really.

Sweet & Salty: If you've ever gotten "Kettle Corn" at a country fair, you know how magical a light caramel coating on salty popcorn can be. Cape Cod has captured that flavor, bagged it, and put it in the supermarket so you can enjoy it even when the Kettle Corn guy is nowhere to be found. Light and floffy popcorn, fresh and delicious, is very lightly coated in slightly crunchy caramel coating. Halfway through the bag, Lynnafred called me on the phone: "This Sweet & Salty popcorn is amazing. Did you know there aren't any nasty unpopped bits in the bag? How do they do that?"

Obviously, it's magic.


Cape Cod Potato Chips website. Learn about the company and their products, and check out their factory tours if you're going to be on the Cape. Here's a direct link to the popcorn page.

Coming Soon: A review of Cape Cod's new potato chip flavors - look for it on Tuesday, September 15th!


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Kian said...

Yum! I love Cape Cod potato chips. I'm sure the popcorn is delicious as well. I'll have to look for them in the market.