16 September, 2009

Long Lake Pickled Foods

Earlier this month, I reviewed delicious Bay View Pickled Pork Hocks after finding them (along with some other Bay View brand pickled specialties) at my local Price Chopper.

Well, it so turns out that Long Lake Pickled Foods, the good folks who put up Bay View products, have started their very own pickled food blog. Written in a casual, chatty, and informative way, the blog gives details about Long Lake's products, customer service contacts, trivia and info about their foods and the traditions of pickling, and so on. They even share recipes and techniques if you're looking to try making your own.

The blog has been open for less than a month, so it's still growing and "finding a voice," if you know what I mean. If you're interested in chaucuterie and old-fashioned methods of meat preservation, stop in and look around.

Link: Long Lake Pickled Foods Blog



Mr. Dave said...

They have been selling the economy sized tubs of the eggs, hocks, and sausages at our local Price Choppers all summer. Maybe the brand is trying to go into bigger markets? There is a bar in downtown Albany called the Palais Royale, which is awesome. Until recently it was owned by a very old man named Rocky. Virtually nothing had changed in the bar since the mid 60s, including the songs on the jukebox and the prices for drinks. You can still get a beer for a buck. Anyways, he always had the giant jar of Bay View pickled eggs and sausages behind the bar. Me and some buddies would get sauced and dare each other to eat as many of each as possible. Good times.

Dave Fazer said...

Thanks Dave.

We are a small company in the world of mega size corporations so we appreciate the exposure when we get it. Over the years we have seen many of our competitors go out of business due to the shrinking market for our types of pickled products.

We have a definite niche product and have been able to increase our market share even in this turbulent economy. We try to update our product line on a regular basis while continuing to offer the same products that have been around for years. Most recently we added cajun products, cajun pickled eggs and cajun pickled sausage.

Thanks for the plug on our new Long Lake Pickled Foods Blog.

Dave Fazer