30 June, 2008

Pringles MADNESS!

A few weeks ago, I was strolling down the snack aisle in the supermarket and noticed that there are apparently more than twenty-five flavors of Pringles available. Until that moment, I had no idea that Pringles had so many varieties. I was amazed, and also curious: Wouldn't it be cool to get one can of each of the flavors, and taste them all?

The answer is, of course, that it would be cool, but I don't really want to spend something like thirty bucks in one pop on a complete assortment of Pringles. So I'll just buy a few at a time, starting with the seven varieties shown above which a friend and I chose at the local Wal-Mart:
  • Loaded Baked Potato: Supposed to taste like a baked potato with butter, sour cream, chives, cheese, and bacon. It had a hearty potato flavor, traces of butter and sour dairy components, and a hint of artificial smoke.
  • Pizza: Tomato and oregano with a hint of cheese. Not too bad, actually, but not as much pizza flavor as, say, pizza-flavored Goldfish.
  • Extreme Kickin' Cheddar: Cheese with a spicy heat. Although the heat was of course of the "lowest common denominator kind of mild" variety, these were rather good. Much spicier than the Jalapeño flavor, actually.
  • Salt and Vinegar: Exactly as advertised. A small bit saltier than Original, but with a good vinegar taste.
  • Jalapeño: The only flavor component they managed to carry forth from a jalapeño pepper was the green grassiness. There was no heat at all. None. Seriously, a waste of time.
  • Extreme Screamin' Dill Pickle: Probably the best of the lot. Vinegar and dill flavor elements with a subtle, cucumbersome back note made these taste just like a real dill pickle.
  • Honey Mustard: Another one that captured just the right notes, though the mustard was definitely more pronounced than the honey. I like mustard on my cheeseburgers, so this chip kind of reminded me of a cheeseburger flavor.
Seven down, who knows how many to go...

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