13 June, 2008

Goodbye, Tastespotting

I stopped in at Tastespotting this morning for some ideas and inspiration, only to find the homepage replaced by a farewell notice:
Thanks for a great 18 months! In light of recent legal complications, NOTCOT will no longer be operating TasteSpotting .com. -- Jean, NOTCOT, 6.13.08
NOTCOT's other lifestyle-oriented websites are still up and running, and they've offered no explanation for Tastespotting's closure beyond what is on the placeholder. Food bloggers, of course, are going mad with speculation, and it's no wonder: a photo and link on Tastespotting got your creations noticed and brought visitors.

I've seen several offers to start similar websites since this morning, and I hope at least one of them is able to follow through with an actual startup. Tastespotting filled an important need for the internet's culinary community.


jesse said...

=( I was really hoping that it was just a mistake, but no such luck. Tastespotting will be sorely missed by food bloggers around the world!

Just Cook It said...

I never knew about this site until it was too late. Shame. Food Gawker seems to be a decent replacement though?

Anonymous said...

It looks like tastespotting is back up.