17 June, 2008

Pizzarias Cheese Pizza Chips

Something new showed up in the snack machine at work today: Pizzarias, a crispy flaky snack thing dusted with cheese pizza flavorings.

They're hard to describe. Not really a "chip" - they're too thick and made of too many ingredients, including flour. Not really a "cracker" either - too thin and delicate. The round crisps are very flaky, like phyllo, yet densely structured, and although crunchy at first, dissolve in the mouth into an artificial-tasting paste. They're made of wheat flour, corn flour, dehydrated potatoes, and wheat starch; the potatoes and starch are the likely culprits there.

The topping, despite being a little too salty and quite unevenly applied, is more successful. The cheese, tomato, and Italian herb flavors mingle well and are bold enough to stand up to uncomplicated dips like sour cream.

Would I buy them again? Probably not. They're tasty enough, but the texture and artificial aftertaste outweigh the flavor.

Pizzarias are made by a company called The Inventure Group, who produce quite a hodgepodge of different snackish things. They make a Burger King-branded Ketchup and Fries Potato Snack that isn't too bad, but they're also responsible for Braids brand pretzels, a thoroughly nasty product that tastes remarkably like wet cardboard.

Interestingly, the Pizzarias brand is nowhere to be found on Inventure Group's website. The Cheese Pizza chips are instead displayed under the TGI Friday's brand label.



Anonymous said...

these chips are awesome where can we buy big bags in Ontario?

Anonymous said...

I just accidentally purchased these at my work candy machine today. They are amazing. I bought 3 bags and after a little online research I find that they are difficult to purchase. Im buying the machine out tomorrow