22 June, 2008

Burger King Burger Shots

Back in 1987, Burger King introduced some miniature burgers that they called "Burger Bundles." Sold in sets of three or six, the little snackers were not a big success, even though BK tried spreading the concept across their menu, with sausage/egg/cheese "Breakfast Bundles" and chicken patty "Chicken Bundles." Later, the small sandwiches were unsuccessfully reintroduced using the cuter name "Burger Buddies."

Today, Burger Buddies are back, under a brand new name: Burger King Burger Shots. They're sold in six-packs only, packaged in flat cardboard flip-top boxes. Apparently, this item is still in development - with my area of Southern New England as part of a test market - because they're called "Burger Shots" on the signage, "mini BURGERS" on the packaging, and they are missing entirely from the official BK website.

Miniature burgers are a great idea - a sales gimmick that has worked for years for White Castle and Krystal - and I can not understand why Burger King hasn't been able to make a go of these. They are delicious. Each burger is made up of the same 100% beef as the standard patties, flame broiled, given a pickle, a small squirt of ketchup and mustard, tasty orange cheese if desired, and topped with a marvelously soft and fresh lightly grilled top bun.

Burger Shots have other good points besides deliciousness. Small food is fun, you know. If you have a couple of kids to feed, I guarantee they'd be delighted to share a box of Shots. They'd be great party food, too. Three or four sixpacks of Burger Shots stacked up on a platter next to the beers, a ballgame on the TV, and you're all set for the afternoon. The burgers are bigger relative to the buns at this scale, too, so they might even be a better deal than getting a couple of cheeseburgers. A six pack of these things are just made for sharing, you know? My wife and I split a box between us. It's more eating than a standard burger, but lighter than two of them. It's just about the perfect-sized lunch.

The only thing I don't really like about them is they're made in some kind of strange connected form - you need to pull two apart to get a single burger, and sometimes the pickle or the patty slips and winds up hanging out of the bun (messy.)

Overall, though, they're great. The only thing that could make me happier with them would be if they were topped with BACON. You got that, Your Highness? Get some bacon on those Shots and you'll have an unstoppable juggernaut of flame-broiled goodness.



Unknown said...

I think this might be the same product as what's listed in the Kid's Meal part of their website as Angus Mini Burgers?

Anonymous said...

The reason this kind of item hasn't worked as well for BK as it has / does for a place like White Castle, is that its pretty much the signature of White Castle. If WC started serving things akin to the Whopper and Tendercrisp they likely wouldn't go over as well either. When you go to WC you expect to get a bunch of tiny, greasy little burgers. When you go to BK you're expecting something big and delicious.

Anonymous said...

I don't go to Burger King and expect anything to be "Big and Delicious"-Chris. Maybe it's just my local Burger Kings, but locals know to avoid the home of the whopper in Barstow. Poor service and food quality is not appetizing and after the 2nd food poisoning run in I too have learned my lesson. Now the BK goes and tries to steal the fire from White Castle? Wow! I'll pass King I don't care how much bacon and shroom and Swiss you dumb on these midget whoppers I'm sure it's crap just like everything else on the menu!

Dave said...

There aren't any White Castle restaurants in New England, where I live, so Burger King isn't pilfering any sales volume from WC in this area.

Anonymous said...

These "things" just appeared in the Delaware Burger King franchises. I bought a six-pack, and I can assure you, NEVER AGAIN! They are truly horrible, with the buns still doughy. When you attempt to tear them apart, the buns mush-down, so the only good way to separate them is to use a knife. I come from the Midwest- "Slider Country", and even a frozen, then microwaved White Castle is preferrable to these little POS.

Dave said...

You guys should stop comparing these to White Castle's sliders. They're not intended to imitate sliders, except for maybe the size. they're just little miniature versions of Burger King burgers - not slider-like at all.