12 February, 2012

Retro Cheetos

Limited edition retro packaging for Cheetos.  Notice that Frito-Lay was still compelled to put Chester Cheetah on the front.


Michelle said...

Love it. See? SOMEone in marketing in a few companies is getting it. Why not just cut the crap and start make the packaging more simple if they're going back to it even just for nostalgic reasons? Why just make it limited edition? I know, I know but I like that at least they can see people would like the old design enough to get kicks out of.

Icecycle66 said...

It's in Chester's contract to be featured on all the Cheetos marketing campaigns, including packaging.

It would cost more for Frito-Lay to keep him off the bag than to just throw his pcik in the corner.

I think I saw his contract on TMZ or The Smoking Gun, or some similar website.