22 February, 2012

Grote & Weigel Is Staying Open!

Good news for hot dog lovers in Southern New England - Grote & Weigel, which had recently announced their closure, has been purchased by Chicopee Ma-based Rachael's Food Corporation (a division of J. Polep.)  After a brief hiatus, production will resume at Grote & Weigel's Bloomfield CT facility.  Rachael's has also made it known that current Grote & Weigel employees will be retained.

You can read the press release here, at the Hartford Courant's website.

When I first heard that they were closing, I scoured supermarkets in my area and managed to buy about 25 packages of Grote & Weigel Natural Casing hot dogs, stashing them in the freezer for later enjoyment.  Tonight, I'm celebrating their return by grilling up somma them dogs.

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Chris and Amy said...

Thank goodness! We were so sad when we heard they were closing! Happy days are here again!