24 February, 2012

B&G Pickles

B&G used to be my favorite brand of pickles, but lately they seem to be letting quality slip. Like the jar I got at the supermarket the other day - filled with limp and soggy pale-green or even yellowy cukes, with some of them cut or crushed to fit into the jar. This is not what I expect from a good jar of pickles.  B&G needs to step up and return to the excellence they once displayed.


icecycle66 said...

Is that supposed to be sweet or dill?

I hate sweet pickles, but man I can get enough dill.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Claussen is now my pickle of choice. Their halves are seriously addictive.

IrishLass said...

Best of luck to you, Dave, i used to like those, but the last two jars I've bought had a strange gritty texture to some of the pickles