30 August, 2009

Vintage Sunday: Antoine's Restaurant Centennial Menu

Antoine's Restaurant in New Orleans celebrated its centennial in 1940 and during that year, a special commemorative menu was used. Originals taken home as souvenirs that year are selling online for a wide range of prices - $30 to over $200 from what I've seen - but I found this one at an estate sale where I bought it in a box lot with a bunch of old cookbooks for a couple of dollars.

There are four pages to the menu, including the cover. To fit the format of the blog, they are displayed here in a rather small size, but clicking on them will open up a very large and clearly readable JPG file for your viewing entertainment.

Unfortunately, I no longer have this menu. Shortly after I made these scans, my dog's tail fanned the menu off of the low scanner table in my office and plopped it squarely into a slice of pizza, thus making all surviving copies of the menu incrementally more valuable.



Michael said...

Serves you right for eating pizza!

Amy said...

Lucky you scanned it! Antoine's is such an amazing part of New Orleans history!

Anonymous said...

Are you in the market for these menu's?? I am in possesion of two of these in damn near perfect condition. If interested e-mail me... Danvsh@yahoo.com

Dave said...

I appreciate the offer, Anonymous, but no, I'm not in the market for one. I'd probably just get pizza on the new one, too.

Anonymous said...

I have this menu. My Mother-in-law visited the restaurant in 1940 and brought one home. It only has two pages. The prices are amazing!