12 August, 2009

Healthy Frozen Meals: Healthy Choice Sweet Asian Potstickers

For a while (and even now, when I think about it) Dave's been buying and trying frozen dinners and writing about them here. Not too long ago, someone left a comment about trying and writing up frozen meals by Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, and other "healthy" frozen meals. I thought that was a great idea, and took the project to do myself. (I'll leave the nasty and bizarre stuff to Dave.)

So every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I'm going to try (and write about) a "healthy" frozen dinner.

And today I'm going to write about Healthy Choice's Sweet Asian Potstickers.

(I'm using the microwave instructions on this one because it's easier and I'm going to assume people are eating these at work.)

The package told me to cut slits in the plastic film and cook it for four minutes. After that, I had to the the film off partially, flip the potstickers over, and cook for an additional two.

The meal had three average sized potstickers on one side of the tray, and a small scoop of rice and mixed veggies on the other. Everything was sitting in a shallow pool of sweet-smelling sauce.

The wrappers on the potstickers were tough and leathery, but I kind of expected that, as dumplings are kind of hard to microwave without them getting rubbery. The insides of them, though, were awesome. A pleasingly spicy mix of cellophane noodles, cabbage, and baked tofu were a perfect compliment to the sweet sauce that they were sitting in. The spices in the potstickers wasn't overpowering, or too weak; it was perfectly seasoned.

The rice and veggies were equally as nice, but a bit on the bland side. The rice was perfectly done, medium-grain rice; it was neither tough or chewy, while the veggies (carrots and red bell pepper) were still firm without being underdone. The carrots even had a bit of that perfectly done carroty 'crunch' to them. There were also supposed to be water chestnts, but there were none in my tray, sadly. There ws also a scant amount of scallions, which were tough and grassy, but they still added a little bit of onionesue flavor.

Overall, the Sweet Asian Potstickers were pretty good. I might even consider getting them again if I see Healthy Choice meals on sale here.

Total Calories: 380
Calroies From Fat: 45
Sodium: 500 mg; 25% DV



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