28 August, 2009

International Bacon Day 2009

International Bacon Day is recognized by pig belly enthusiasts on the Saturday before Labor Day (which, considering Labor Day is an American holiday, makes me wonder just how "international" it is, but whatever.) In 2009, this day is September 5.

Doing a quick Google search on International Bacon Day will bring up page upon page of links. There's an official website for the "holiday" as well as tons of info related to it (parties, specialty items, T-shirts, and so on.)

You may not decide to party, fly a bacon flag, or paint your dog with pink and off-white stripes to resemble a slice of bacon in celebration of the day. I know that I'm not. But you might want to celebrate in a very personal and meaningful way: by making your own homemade bacon.

The process that transforms a fatty chunk of pigmeat into delicious bacon is indeed magical, but it's not that hard to do. If you've ever made an apple pie or cooked dinner for your family from a recipe, you can probably do it. The thing is, it takes some time. If you start today - locating and buying the necessary ingredients, including pork belly - and get your bacon curing within the next day or two, you can celebrate International Bacon Day in real style, by smoking your own home-cured bacon on Saturday morning, then enjoying it that very afternoon with family and friends in observance of the holiday.

So: Go forth and gather your supplies. Make some bacon. And on September 5, become a Titan Among Men as you share your homemade bacon with your friends, for they will taste it and worship you and raise mighty statues in your honor and sing your name in songs.

Here's my tutorial and recipes for making bacon at home.

Want to be more adventurous? Here's a tutorial about Whiskey-Cured Bacon.

Here's the official International Bacon Day website.



Amy said...

What a great idea! It's nice to read from another pork-lover.

Eric M said...

This is just the inspiration I need. After work today I'm going to track down some pork belly and make the bacon I've always dreamed of.

Alexa said...

Hi, Thanks for finding us. The date was picked because we stated in CO and knew we needed two days to recover. It has since gone international as I have moved to AU, and many friends have helped spread it to other countries, but the date has stayed the same. I hope this helps explain it, and I can't wait to try your bacon making recipe.