03 March, 2009

Burger King Breakfast Shots

I like Burger King's little Burger Shots - small, fun, customizable - they're delicious. So it was only natural that I should try the King's Breakfast Shots as well. Same soft little buns, but with scrambled egg, choice of ham, bacon, or sausage, cheese, and something BK is calling "smokey cheese sauce." I bought a couple of the bacon variety.

Gotta say, I'm fairly unimpressed.

The eggs are weird: Thin, flat rectangular sheets of egg that look like they've been cut with scissors from a ShamWOW towel. and the "smokey cheese sauce" add nothing to the mix, other than a sort of slimy saltiness. But the worst part of all, I think, is the overall squishiness.

Texture is an important factor in taste. A soft, fresh hamburger bun is wonderful with a hamburger, because the primary ingredient - the burger - is firm and, well, meaty. The textural contrast between the firm burger and the soft bun makes the sandwich more interesting - and therefore, more delicious - to eat. Add another contrasting texture, like crispy lettuce and fresh, thinly sliced onion, and it's even better.

This is also one of the reasons McDonald's had such a hit with the Egg McMuffin. An egg is soft. English muffins are firm (and even a bit crispy when toasted.) They taste good together and the contrasting textures are complimentary.

But BK Breakfast Shots are uniformly soft - pillowy bun, sheet of scrambled egg, runny cheese sauce - not even the bacon could help because it wasn't crispy, it was just kind of cooked and thrown in. There's just too much squishy softness in one place. That's the same reason I've never like their "croissanwich." Squishy.

Guess I'll stick to my beloved Sausage McMuffin with Egg for breakfast, and save Burger King for lunch.

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