10 March, 2009

Turkish Cheese 3 - Çeçil peyniri

Çeçil peyniri is another kind of "string cheese" from Turkey. It's made by collecting the curds on a paddle and then kneading them for a few minutes on a table. The kneaded curds are then hung to stretch under their own weight. This stretching process is repeated until the curds take on a smooth, plastic-like consistency and a fibrous texture. The prepared curds are cut into six-inch lengths and set into brine to cure.

Çeçil peyniri's flavor is very similar to a young, mild cheddar. It's great for snacking, and it melts nicely in sandwiches and on burgers.


Bea Abega said...

But it is soo salty!! I tried as snak, direct eating, but I guess you have to conbine it with something really plain (lettuce) or even sweet (honey?) Any other idea how could it be eated?
Manz thanks,

α β γ said...

salted cecil is one of the traditional methods to preserve the cheese. If you have the chance you can try dried cecil, which is generally less salted . You can try washing it with warm water, which also cause it to melt (which I do not like) . Eating it with bread is an other alternative, which is generally the case here. Also eating it with tomato is a good choice. There is also moldy cecil, which has a biting taste (I do not know haw to describe the taste of added mold, sorry) and is less salty. If you have an other chance of purchasing it; ask for the less salty dry cecil.