16 March, 2009

Maxwell House Coffee -

Kraft has redesigned the labels on Maxwell House Coffee. On one of their corporate websites, Kraft says:

Maxwell House is the most global of our coffee brands, after building its status as an American favorite with “good to the last drop” flavor.

Notice, however, what isn't on the can any more.


auntjone said...

Wow- they've really scaled back the graphics. Wonder why they're still saying "Good to the last drop" after they obviously axed the coffee cup with the last drop.

MH gives me wicked heartburn so I haven't drank it in a while. Can't say the packaging would change my mind.

Dave said...

The "Good To The Last Drop" slogan has been left in the dust of some marketroid's whim. It has been missing for some time. And I have noticed that Maxwell House is becoming a "loss leader" brand (around central Illinois) often available @ 4.99 for a cheater 3# container. Same as ALDI's MUCH better Beaumont brand.

Dave said...

I'm not sure what you mean when you say that the Good to the Last Drop slogan has been "missing for some time." Both of the photos in the post were photographed on the same visit to the market; both were on the shelf side by side.

Maybe you live in a test market for the newly-designed label.

Dave said...

I picked up a cheater 3# plastic container about 6 weeks ago at Target ($4.99) and there is no "Good To The Last Drop" anywhere on it. {SHRUG} It is currently re-filled with 39 oz of Old Judge - which was also on sale - but, @ $3.99 Bv)=

I may live in a test market area. Lots of stuff appears here before it makes it to the rest of the world. And a lot of things show up here briefly then disappear, never to be seen again.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you and everyone are way off on the more prevalent observation that needs to be addressed concerning the "NEW" look of Maxwell House Coffee. Maxwell House has confused their customer and ruined their best product through inept marketing control and poor response to a declining economy. First, if just compairing the two photos, they are of completely different flavors. The Master Blend series that previously containing SMOOTH/ RICH/&BOLD has now been reduced simply to Master 'Bland'. Confusing things worse, the second photo is actually the Master Blend-Rich, but is now called Original Roast. It continues to frustrate this loyal customer and I am now looking for a new brand.

Dave said...

I agree with your for the most part, Anon, but the only reason different Maxwell House varieties are compared side by side was because those were the cans on the shelf on a single visit, and are illustrative of the graphics change.

If it's true that they've also changed their flavor designations or roasts (and I'm not really the one to ask about this, because my wife and I are fans of Chock Full O' Nuts) then they have indeed made a big marketing blunder.