16 January, 2009

Munchy's Fun Mix Cookie Assortment

Munchy's is Malasia's largest domestic cookie and snack manufacturer, and they have recently started a big international sales push. We found their "Fun Mix" assortment in our local Asian Supermarket, labeled as "Fun Mix - Hilarious Mix of Assorted Biscuits." Who can resist a slogan like that?

The cookies are of very good quality, perhaps a little dry for American tastes (they are much more "crackery" in texture than the typical flaky/tender "shortbread" style that most American associate with the word cookie. But they're flavorful and quite delicious, and even within the big reusable steel tin that they're sold, they're wrapped in small packets to ensure they stay fresh.

It turns out that there is a bit of hilarity in the cookies, after all. One of the sandwich cookies in the package is called "Lexus Calcium biscuits." They seem to be a fairly average sandwich cookie - two flecked cookies with a chocolate layer holding them together. Hilarity ensues when the ingredients are read; the list includes spinach and cheese. The spinach isn't noticeable (the taste getting lost behind the chocolate) but the cheese flavor is definitely distinct, lurking there below the chocolate with every bite!

There are also rectangular sandwich cookies imprinted with a face in the center and a name in the border below the face. There are "Nicholas," "Martin," and "Sophia," and I bet they're siblings because they all look pretty much alike. And they're random, as well, imprinted into both the chocolate and white sandwich cookies without distinction and not necessarily matched when put together either.

Munchy's website. Not much content, but the colors are bright and attractive.

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