07 January, 2009

It's Like Getting A Box Of Summertime!

I've written a few times about Mastronardi Produce's Sunset® brand vegetables. They grow the best-tasting out-of-season tomato I've ever had, and I've also written about their wonderful Ancient Sweets sweet red peppers.

Apparently, someone forwarded my blog entries to Mastronardi. They noticed that I had praised the peppers even though I had bought them past their prime on the markdown bin at the local Stop & Shop, and they thought I might appreciate some glorious fresh Ancient Sweets to experience just how good they can be at their peak of flavor.

Yesterday, I got home to find two foam shipping containers on my porch. One of them contained two packages of gorgeous plump red Ancient Sweet peppers. The other held tomatoes: a tub of Splendido grape tomatoes, a clamshell package of Romana tomatoes, and a flat clamshell of Campari tomatoes on the vine.

My daughter was home to accept the delivery, and she called me at work to let me know they were there. I told her to open up the containers and see what was inside. When she opened the one holding the tomatoes, she gasped: "Dad - it smells like summer in here!"

It's going to smell like summer in my kitchen for the next few days, too, as I use these excellent peppers and tomatoes. And I'll be posting recipes, too, so keep an eye out.

Thanks, Mastronardi!


Mastronardi Produce - The Sunset® Website

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