05 January, 2009

Mama's Choice Syrup

Are you familiar with Mama's Choice syrups? Most of them are pretty decent - real, honest ingredients that seem to be made and packaged with care. Blackberry Patch, the makers of Mama's Choice, is a Georgia company that has quite a line of tasty syrups which they sell on their website as well as in markets, specialty retailers, and gourmet shops around the country. Most of their stuff looks really good. But it really irritates me when a company weasels around with their labels, like they do here.

This label is designed to foster confusion. Yes, the label admits that the bottle contains "Maple Praline Flavored Syrup," but also says "pure and natural."

There is no maple syrup in the mix. There is sugar, corn syrup, maple flavoring, and praline flavoring. I suppose on a technicality you could call this "pure syrup," but I'd say it's quite a stretch to call it "natural." At any rate, I found this bottle in a display at Big Lots. Hopefully, the reason these bottles were there are because they're a poorly-labeled closeout.

If you'd really like to try out Blackberry Patch's products, you might be better off just going directly to their website. The prices there are exceptionally fair - 12 ounce bottles of their real maple praline syrup are sold there for just $5.99 for example - and you'll be putting money directly into their pockets.


Blackberry Patch's website. No ingredient listings or nutritional info that I could find, but there are careful product descriptions for all of the products offered.


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Dawn Hunt said...

Their syrups are good. I was doing a google search to find out where I could buy more of the blackberry syrup cause it is Deeelicious! saw your article and thought I'd give my 2 cents!