08 January, 2009


Burger King introduced their latest spicy offering earlier this week: the Angry Whopper. A Whopper patty topped with pepper jack cheese, bacon, pickled jalapeno slices, "Angry onions," tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, and "angry sauce," all on a sesame seed bun.

I really liked Wendy's Spicy Baconator during that sandwich's limited run, so when I heard about the Angry Whopper I decided to ignore the stupid name and give it a try.

My daughter and I got to Burger King during the quiet lull between lunch and supper, hoping that the lack of a crowd would mean the BurgerDoodlers on the line wouldn't just chuck our sandwiches together. Hahaha! Good one, right?

Here's what my Angry Whopper actually looked like inside: A whopper patty, as expected, topped with pepper jack cheese. There is a slice of bacon on there somewhere - it's hiding under the tomatoes at the top there. I guess the "Angry Onions" got pissed off and stomped away, because there weren't any crisp spicy fried onions on my burger, just some plain old sliced yellow onion. That orange stuff is supposed to be "Angry Sauce." I thought it tasted more like sugary French dressing, but my daughter swore that it had some heat when she tasted it. It didn't do anything for me, though.

The pickled jalapenos were generous and quite hot - spicier than the average jalapenos in this case, and after getting about three of the slices in a single bite, I opened up the sandwich again and repositioned them to spread them more evenly around the inside. That made the heat much nicer, and reduced the vinegar concentration from the pickled pepper. Lettuce was standard iceberg, looking like they'd cut it up with a weed whacker, and tomatoes were also substandard winter tomatoes, with grainy pulp and hardly any recognizable flavor.

In spite of the obvious defects, the Angry Whopper was pretty decent. Heat level was adequate for me and not overwhelming. I fall fairly in the middle of the "heat tolerance" range, though, so if you're a chilehead you may find the "Angry Whopper" to be a "Somewhat Annoyed Whopper." I'd like to try it at a different Burger King restaurant next time, just to see if they have all the correct ingredients.

If you plan to try it out, you've got until 30 March 2009 - this is a limited-edition burger.

Burger King's website. (No mention of the Angry Whopper on their main site at the time I wrote this)
Angry Whopper press release at Business Wire.
Burger King's "Angry Gram" website, where you can send an "angry gram" e-mail featuring a talking Angry Whopper to someone you don't like.


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