01 April, 2008

Hebrew National Breakfast Sausage

My local supermarket had Hebrew National's new Beef Breakfast Sausages on sale, and the manufacturer was trying to drum up interest by sticking an "instant coupon" on the front of the box for $1.00 off. So I decided to give them a try.

I have certain expectations when I buy breakfast sausages. They should taste of coriander, sage, thyme, and paprika, for example. They should be at least a little spicy.

I don't know what the hell Hebrew National was thinking when they developed these things. I bet they don't know, either. The primary flavor is salt. The secondary flavor is "cheap shitty hot dog." They're pretty damn disgusting.

They don't even look like breakfast sausages. Oh, when you open the package they're the right size and shape. But they're red. As they cook, they look less and less like breakfast sausages and more and more like hot dogs. Because that's what they are. Hot dogs. Crappy little scale-model hot dogs that taste like salt and old grease.

I'm really glad I didn't have to pay full price for these.

Hebrew National should be ashamed of themselves for this, but because they're just another division of ConAgra these days, they're probably not ashamed. They're probably pointing and laughing at the idiots like me buying their so-called "sausages."


Hebrew National's website.



Anonymous said...

I don't get what you are complaining about! These are the best non-pork sausages out there! In my search for a Kosher sausage (less junk in them), I have tried all kinds of sausages, including several chicken ones, soy sausages and a few other beef ones, all in various forms of frozen, non-frozen and raw and none of them measure up to the Hebrew National Breakfast Sausages. If you are looking for the same texture and flavor of the pork sausage in a none pork sausage, I don't think that they exist.

Dave said...

Enjoy your hot dogs, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

If you want a non-pork sausage, then you need to try and get some beef links out of scotland. They are spicy and juicy and all things good.