20 April, 2008

Friendly's Royal Razz

Behold Friendly's Royal Razz, their newest bluest beverage! Tastes like Sprite with blue raspberry syrup added, and it's served in a tall 20-ounce mug with a big huge wide bendy straw and a maraschino cherry. (They'll put an extra cherry in if you ask.)

It's a delicious treat if you love blue food the way I do, though since I've been weaning myself off of sugary stuff I find it a little too sweet for my taste nowadays.

Bonus coolness: You can take the straw home if you want. If I were still 10 year old, that straw would make drinking anything at all much more fun.

You'll find the Royal Razz on the Kid's Menu at Friendly's. When adults ask for one the waitress looks at you a little funny, but they bring it anyway.


Friendly's Restaurants website.

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