28 April, 2008

Fishy Delights 14: Roland Lightly Smoked Sardines

Lightly smoked sardines in soybean oil with a bit of salt added. These are large coarse chops of pilchard and they really aren't worth even the piddling 90 cents I paid for them at the job lot store.

The huge size doesn't bother me, nor does the minimally-cleaned abdominal cavity. I can overlook the soft-cooked bones that bristle from the cut surfaces. But even though the flavor of the fish is decent, with just the right amount of smoke and maybe a touch too much salt, the goddamn fish still have the scales on. I loathe unscaled sardines, and there is no excuse in the world for it.

Brunswick has proven that large sardine cuts can be sold without any loss in quality at all. There isn't any reason why the same can't be done by Roland.

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