29 June, 2012

The Dogs of Summer: Bogner Natural Casing Franks

Bogner Meats is an awesome butcher store/meat market with retail stores in Manchester and Vernon, CT. In addtition to a huge fresh meat case, they also make several varieties of their very own deli meats (like Genoa salami and pepperoni.) And they also have their very own brand of natural casing beef and pork franks, made by Hummel of New Haven to Bogner's recipe.

Bogner franks have an excellent meat flavor thanks to the beef and pork blend, with mild spices and just a hint of smokiness. They seem to me to have a little more coriander in the seasoning blend than some other franks, but they compare very well against my favorites, Mucke's and Grote & Weigel.


TonyBalony3383 said...

I don't believe they make any of their own stuff anymore. They used to do everything but have dwindled down in recent years. Are you sure you weren't looking at one those dog food logs they make? Just kidding.

Dave said...

I hadn't realized they weren't making their own deli meats any more (though having their franks made by hummel should have been a clue, right?)

Anyway, the meats might not be house made nowadays, but whoever is doing it for them under contract is probably using Bogner's recipes.

And that dog food stuff is pretty ridiculous. I guess I might try it on the dawgs if I were one of those "pet parent" nuts, but nope. My dogs are dogs, not kids.