28 June, 2012

Review: Burger King's Memphis BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Burger King has taken a little break from slavishly copying McDonald's McCafe beverages to introduce several new BBQ specialties, one of which is the Memphis BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich.  I stopped in to the local BK yesterday to give it a try.

Here's what it looks like in the advertising:

Photo by Burger King
And here's what it looks like in real life:

Now, I've acknowledged before that comparing real fast food to advertising-agency-styled fast food is a cheap shot, but trust me - this sandwich is so completely disgusting that the way it looks is only the beginning of how shitty it is.

There was no meaty pile of pulled pork on a crusty split-top bun. It was a small - significantly smaller than the diameter of the bread - knot of crappy, low-quality meat on a squishy oversized burger bun.  Even though I actually looked at the contents of the sandwich when I took this picture, I still mustered up the courage to take a bite.

The pork was drenched in cheap, sticky BBQ sauce that tasted mostly of corn syrup and artificial smoke and it was the texture of shredded flannel. And worst of all, the entire interior was completely smothered in mayonnaise. So not only did the sandwich look like someone took a dump on a hamburger bun, it tasted like an overly-sweetened old washcloth sopped in slime.

For the first time in the history of Dave's Cupboard, I was unable to stomach so much as a single bite of a review subject. This heinous wet lump of filth was so horrendous that my first and only bite was instantly interrupted by my gag reflex and I spit the gnarly bolus back at the cardboard clamshell in which it was served.

On the other hand, the sweet potato shoestring fries that I got as a side were pretty good. So the visit wasn't a total loss.


Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine said...

Wow I cant even comment on what this really looks like to me. It isn't good at all.. Thanks for the heads up this is so gross.....

Elizabeth said...

Haha very eloquent, thank you. Mayonnaise???!!!

Jeff the ALDI Shopper said...

Thanks for doing this Dave, so the rest of us won't have to!

That sandwich is an insult to both Memphis AND barbecue...

SJBill said...

Looks like somebody did some pork pulling when they made that sandwich.

BTW, for the upcoming weekend, will be smoking 4 slabs of bacon, thanks to you. ;-)

pamelahazelton said...

Thanks for the review. Almost tried one tonight. Asked the girl at the counter how it was and she said it's fabulous.

I take my BBQ seriously, and seriously... Mayo???

Unknown said...

What a shame the sandwich you got looked and tasted like that! I live in Clearwater, FL, and the sandwiches I got (I went back several times) looked like the one in the ad with a little less meat, but they were delicious! Wish you could have tried one of the ones I had.