12 June, 2012

Grocery Shrink Ray Hits ALDI Sugar

ALDI stocks bags of sugar by the pallet, placing the pallet on the floor underneath a sign advertising the price.  For years, there has been a second sign placed beside the price sign. It read something like, "Please remember when comparing prices, we sell full 5-pound bags of sugar while our competitors sell 4-pound bags."

It's jelly-and-jam-making season again, and we use a lot of sugar putting up dozens of jars of fruit preserves. ALDI has usually had the lowest price for sugar, so I went there first over the weekend to pick up a couple of bags, and found this:

There was a pallet of four-pound bags of sugar under the price sign, and the note about always selling 5-pound bags was gone.  Four pounds of sugar for the price of five pounds. Well, that's one staple that gets crossed off the ALDI shopping list.

(I ended up going to Price/Rite, where five pound bags of sugar were fifty cents less than what ALDI was getting for four. I really should start buying 25-pound bags of sugar at Costco when we start making preserves.)


DrunkethWizerd said...

Sugar and Salt are in everything already there's no need to buy any sugar and salt.

TomW said...

I too think five pounds should be a standard size for sugar & flour. We use more bread flour than sugar, and I've thought about the 25 lb bag more than once. The bag is still at Sam's. But one day...


Anne Coleman said...

Can I just say (well, HELLO! first of all since it's been FOREVER since I've been here) ahem, and ... I shop PriceRite almost exclusively now. Only because it's two blocks away and the produce selection is better ;) I hate that we've downsized without disclosure. Really.