18 December, 2011

Vernors Ginger Soda

So, Vernors. Yet another beverage with a cult following. Is it a ginger ale or a "ginger soda?" It's been marketed as both, but currently the can says "The Original Ginger Soda," so I guess we'll go with that.

And I think that's fair, because Vernors is sweeter and more gingery-spicy than the typical ginger ales that are commonly on the market, with a flavor profile that has a lot more going on than the usual sody pop.

Vernors has a stronger ginger flavor right out of the gate, and it's accompanied by a subtle spicy kick, reminiscent of but milder than ginger beer.  There's a touch of vanilla in there as well, and the overall effect is really quite nice.

I'm told that the Vernors of today is different than the classic Vernors of yesteryear - that the formula has changed and the soda is less itself than it once was. I'm not in any position to notice because Vernors is hard to find here in New England, and before scoring the few cans I recently tried, the last time I had it was back in the late 1970s and I don't remember that old experience all that well.

But anyway, Vernors is a unique taste and enjoyable. If you live outside of their home turf of Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois and find a can or two, nab it. You'll like it.


Michele said...

Vernors is one of the products I miss most from growing up in Ohio. Think I may have to have the family send me a 12 pack or two. Delicious stuff!

MrsBug said...

Here in Michigan, we call it Detroit River Water (affectionately, of course).

Michael said...

My late sister called it "sneezing fluid," and as it was twenty years ago, one could hardly drink a bottle of it without sneezing at least once. Carbonation and very strong ginger flavor together, and ah chiew.

Anonymous said...

It's very good with bourbon. Superior ginger flavor to Canadian Dry & Schwepps!

Dave said...

Being from Illinois and formerly hanging out in Detroit, MI (home of Vernor's and Vernor's Ice Cream) I am well familiar with their Ginger Soda (doncha dare call it ginger ale). It's OK. But, I much prefer Seagram's Ginger Ale in that style of beverage.

It would be nice if Co Cola hadn't screwed with the (formerly) attractive packaging on Seagram's Ginger Ale when they stole the product away from Pepsi Cola. Fortunately the product in the bland, tasteless, washed out looking cans is still great.