18 December, 2011

Eggies Hard Boiled Egg Cooker

Check out this ad for a product called "Eggies."  Apparently, their target market is "People Who Don't Mind Being Called Too Stupid To Peel An Egg."


CEN said...

Why the hate, man?? I love my eggies. You can mix the egg up and put in seasonings before cooking. You get a uniform product to eat after boiling.

rkjb85 said...

I bought them because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and peeling eggs hurts my fingers. I don't consider myself stupid and am kind of insulted that you would think that.
But having said that, this product does not work very well. I was not happy with it.

Dave said...

rkjb85 -

The advertisement shows clumsy, fumbling attempts to shell hard-boiled eggs while the voiceover says things like, "You'll be ALL DAY shelling those eggs!" I don't see anything there about how Eggies can make it easier for people with arthritis to make eggs. I'm sorry you feel insulted by my remarks because that wasn't my intent; I doubt that someone who sees the ad and thinks, "That might make it less painful for me to make hard boiled eggs" is their target market.

Anonymous said...

I bought a set of Eggies at Bed Bath And Beyond and I can assure you they are a complete waste of money.

It took a lot of time to fill and assemble them.

Once they were in the boiling water, they all started to leak, despite them being screwed tightly together.

Once the eggs were cooked, getting them out of the Eggies was not an easy task.

Finally, cleaning them is next to impossible and takes forever.

Boiling eggs the old fashioned way takes less time and is a far less frustrating experience than using Eggies.

I threw them away after using them once.

Anonymous said...

i agree with anonoymous eggies are
nothing but junk not worth anything
i gave them away but warned they are way too much time and messy

Steve said...

I can't believe how many Dave's Cupboard readers bought Eggies.

I'm in shock. For real.

Mary Bennett said...

My Grandmother used to listen to Arlene Frances on the radio. One day Arlene related how the broke the tops on unboiled eggs to make a small hole and fitted in a paper cone. They put in the salt pepper and paprkia, and then stirred it with a straw before boiling to make hard boiled eggs for a picnic. This way they didn't have to bring shakers to the picnic. Much cheaper than buying eggies!