15 August, 2011

Sacks of Breakfast Kibble

We've all heard that a big chunk of the price of name-brand breakfast cereal is the packaging and marketing that supports it. The stores in my area were late to the party when it came to bare-bones cereal packaging, though.  So it amused the hell out of me when I found Stop & Shop's store brand kid-cereal knockoffs being sold by the sack - at roughly one-third to one-quarter of the equivalent amount's price as sold by General Mills or Kellogg's.

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Julien said...

I don't have a picture myself, but I have housemates who go to Walmart and buy big ol' bags of Malt-O-Meal (like the one in the picture linked below) for about a dollar most of the time. They're ridiculous to see in the kitchen, huge.