27 August, 2011

Mike-Sells Puffcorn Delites

Featured as a "special purchase" at ALDI right now: Mike-sell's Puffcorn Delites Caramel flavor.

They're corn puffs (think Cheetos or Jax without the cheese) in bite-sized pieces, coated with a film of caramel.  The corn plus the caramel plus the butter that the stuff is made with make them taste kind of like maple syrup. Crunchy, sweet, awesome maple syrup.

I bought one bag to try them out.  Lynnafred, after finding out they were purchased at ALDI, made me promise to go back and get a couple more since ALDI is famous for short-run purchases that might not show up again for months.

1 comment:

hungryiam said...

Hi Dave - they also make a plain version. It was our go-to popcorn when my daughter had braces. Use the plain/buttered for your own caramel corn recipe. Works well!