22 August, 2011

Kikkoman Ginza Style Curry Sauce - Pork flavor

After literal months of prodding, suggesting, and flat-out telling them to, I got Dave and my mother to agree to go out and enjoy themselves someplace, leaving me to bachelor the place up. (Okay, fine, bachelorette the place up if you're going to be a stickler about it.) So instead of having a house party so phenomenal that it would make 3Oh!3's House Party look like a child's birthday, I'm going to sit here and eat Kikkoman canned curry and watch The Birdcage.

I told you, I'm going to be a bachelor tonight. I warned you. (Okay, so maybe a bachelor wouldn't watch The Birdcage.)

Anyway, that can to the right is, indeed, the curry sauce in question. Pop open the easy-open top, dump it into a pot, heat it up, and eat away after dumping it over some noodles, or rice, or something.

The sauce smells like heaven when you open it up. Unmistakably curry, and it looks more like a standalone stew than a sauce - large chunks of potatoes and carrots, and sparse (but tender nonetheless) chunks of pork are dotted throughout. It looks awfully thick and nasty straight from the can, but it thins out as it heats up.

And it tastes... mostly good. There's this strange, simultaneously slimy and astringent-like quality to it that I don't really like, but as far as flavor goes, it tastes just like Japanese-style curry - creamy (more or less) stew-like, and hearty, with just a background hint of spiciness that builds up as you eat it. I'd get it again.

For the record: this stuff is MASSIVELY salty. Cutting it down with noodles was a brilliant idea, shown below:

Yeah, it still looks kind of like Chef Boyardee Spaghetti,
but I'm a bachelor tonight, remember?


Dave said...

I'm trying to remember where I got those cans of curry, but totally failing. It was either Big Lots or Ocean State Job Lot.

Lynnafred said...

We got them at Ocean State in Chicopee, where we got those delicious Petit Fours.