19 February, 2011

Whippers Twisted Smoothies

There have been many times that I've found and reviewed products only to discover that they have been failures in the marketplace and I may have been tasting one of the last remaining examples.  Most of the time, the products in question are crap and the marketplace has done it's job well in expunging them.

Other times, however, the products don't seem to be that sucky and I  don't understand what  went wrong.  Such is the case with Whippers Twisted Smoothies.

They were introduced last year as a low-calorie drink for active kids, and were made with fruit juices, skim milk, natural flavorings and colors, a bit of sugar and a bit of stevia for sweetening.  Lynnafred and I found all three of the Whippers flavors recently, tried them, and were really impressed by their quality.

Orange Cream - Tastes just like a slightly soured melted Creamsicle (but,  of course, thinner in texture.)Thee was hint of an artificial sweetener aftertaste, but it wasn't very strong.  It was okay, but strange.  Maybe a bit too strange.

Blueberry Acai - Since acai tastes like Extract Of Sour Ass, I wasn't optimistic that the Blueberry Acai flavor was going to be any good.  Surprise!  Because the blend was heavy on the blueberry and light on the assberry, the overall flavor was pleasant, if not quite delicious, and there was less of an aftertaste than there was with the Orange Cream.

Strawberries and Cream - This one was the best of all three, with a smooth and well-balanced flavor profile that minimized the artificial-sweetener aftertaste. Lynnafred sniffed at the bottle, took a sip and said, "This smells and tastes just like strawberry PEZ.  And that's awesome."

So, I guess, one out of three ain't bad, right?

After our taste tests, I decided to see if we could find more Whippers online (I had never seen them in the supermarkets and knew there wasn't going to be a local source.)  The side of the bottle gave three sources:

Buy Whippers on-line at thirstmonger.com - Thirstmonger is an awesome site for fans of hard-to-find and unusual beverages. They have a huge inventory of stuff from everywhere, and using their search function to find Whippers will quickly bring up product pages for all three flavors.  Clicking on them, however, will reveal them to be Out Of Stock.

Their Facebook page - Drink Whippers - hasn't had any activity since January 2010.  And their Twitter account is a digital ghost town: 4 followers, 0 Tweets, 0 Following, 0 Listed.

Special Note:

Turns out Jess reviewed this very same product almost exactly a year ago for her blog, Foodette Reviews.  Click on over and see how she hated them a lot more deeply than I did. 


Nope. said...

Ahhhh, I can't believe you found these. I think my university's stores get in old Odd Lot products that couldn't sell. That's where I found mine.

Dave said...

I found them at The Barn in Greenfield. It's this huge job lot grocery store filled with failing, discontinued, and past-the-sell-by-date stuff, sold for pennies on the dollar.

You've probably already heard of them, but...