26 February, 2011

Regarding Cheerios

Back when I was a kid, Cheerios were these little rings that tasted like they were made out of cardboard. People used to feed them to infants, apparently because not only are toddlers fascinated by them, but little cardboardy rings are hard for them to choke on.

Nowadays, Cheerios are still sold to people who want edible entertainment for their small children. But they are also sold to aging people as some sort of cardiac tonic, General Mills having managed to convince people that eating cereal and milk will cleanse their arteries of cholesterol.  I think it has something to do with "sympathetic magic."  The little rings represent cross-sections of unclogged arteries, and their powerful juju keeps the user healthy or something.

Anyway, in an effort to wring every last possible dollar out of an aging brand, General Mills has been introducing new Cheerios flavors willy-nilly.  I've tried them all, and even though I don't believe in magic, I have to admit that they taste good - even the ones that seem like knock-offs of competitors' products.  There are currently twelve varieties of Cheerios, two of which are Banana Nut and Chocolate.

And that is what this post is about: while Banana Nut and Chocolate Cheerios are individually pretty damn good, when they are mixed together in the bowl they are AWESOME.

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